About Us

We are a family business that loves all things barbecue. We both come from large families and so we have the best memories around a barbecue. For us it is more than a meal, more than cooking, it is creating – creating flair, creating memories and usually creating a bit of healthy competition.

In October 2020 I had a heart attack. It is so surreal now. The next day I was told I would need open heart surgery. At just 38 years of age my genetics and lifestyle had failed me.

While I was in hospital all I could think about was my wife and my kids. I knew things had to be different. I could not spend one more day working for someone. I needed to go out on a limb and create something for my family. I wanted them to see me as more than just a worker, I want to build them a legacy.

Alana and I talked for a long time about what we wanted in a business. How we wanted to help others? What can we offer? So here it is our Oz BBQ Shop. We love barbecues. We have a big family but a small backyard. We want to provide something that can move with you. Go camping, or be used on a back patio. Something that is practical and portable. Easy to use and above all Aussie made.

Our goal is for people to create memories with our products.

Whether you are at home, on the patio, at the beach or camping, there is a barbecue for everyone. After all, what’s a family gathering without a good old barbecue!